je neziskový projekt Slovenskej biblickej spoločnosti. Napriek tomu, že ju používame všetci zadarmo, jej udržiavanie a rozvoj zadarmo nie je. Vaša finančná podpora nám umožní pokračovať v šírení Božieho slova cez, prostredníctvom vydávania Biblií a biblických titulov či prostredníctvom iných projektov.

Indexer biblických súradníc

About Bib-M project:

This program has been designed as a tool that can enormously facilitate the indexing of biblical references in texts written in MS Word.

What the program does for you:

  1. Any written text (input) can be processed.
  2. XE fields are assigned to all biblical abbreviations found within the text.
  3. An INDEX of the XE fields (biblical abbreviations) is created (output).
  4. All the index entries are sorted automatically in the index.

What the result looks like:

5:12………………5, 58


5:11…………….22, 25

The program is especially suitable for indexing dissertations, monographs, biblical commentaries, or any other texts where an index of all biblical references is needed.

What must be done so that the program performs well for you:

  1. The program will only index those entries in the text that follow scrupulously one chosen referencing style. This means the user must exercise great care to select one style and use it consistently throughout the document in terms of:
    • Abbreviation for the same biblical book (e.g. Matt / Mt).
    • Delimiter to separate the chapter from the verses (e.g. John 5:12 / John 5,12).
    • Sign to indicate the ranges of verses (e.g. Rom 5-6 / Rom 5–6); (Rom 5:12-14 / Rom 5:12–14).
    • Sign to indicate a new reference (e.g. Mark 2:5; 3:6 / Mark 2:5,3:6).
    Inconsistencies within the document, such as abbreviating the gospel of Matthew as “Matt” at some places in the text and as “Mt” in others will result in incomplete results.
  2. Either of these delimiters can be chosen (according to the language of the work, or according to personal preferences), but once chosen, consistency is required. The delimiters chosen in your work must be set in the Bib-M program (go to settings). Currently, there is an option between Slovak and English standards (set by the developer). Alternatively, your own delimiters can be defined.
  3. The program is designed to work according to the MS Word indexing functions and to be compatible with them. For more information, go to office support. The following links can also be very helpful: index syntax and troubleshooting index problems.

How to use the program:

  1. Define the standards used in your text (choose the English, or the Slovak standards, or define your own).
  2. Select and locate the file with abbreviations of the biblical books (currently, the program contains concordance documents with English and Slovak abbreviations, but additional files can be created).
  3. Hit “Bible Index” to run the indexing.
  4. Hit “Create Table” to insert the index.
  5. There is a readme file with screenshots, so you may want to check that one too.

Qumran Index:

There is an option that allows indexing Qumran references and produces a separate index.

  1. This part of the Bib-M program functions the same way as the Bible references indexing.
  2. The only recognized and allowed standard for writing the references in your text is the SBL format.
  3. The delimiters and signs for ranges cannot be set manually! The choice has been made by the developer to support the SBL standards only (as of now).
  4. The concordance document (the file with abbreviations) contains a limited group of Qumran manuscripts. For your specific work, you will need to update this file and add all the Qumran manuscripts quoted in your work.
  5. There are still some minor bugs and certain instances (combinations of references) are not recognized. In order for these to be included in the index, they must be marked manually.
  6. The merging of the indexed entries from the text in the final index has some bugs too and must be double-checked / edited manually.

Use requirements:

The Bib-M program was implemented for MS Word. No guarantee can be issued for any disadvantages (including loss of data, etc.) that may arise from using this program. The indexer uses this program at his own risk. It is strongly recommended to create a backup file before use. The program has been tested at Win XP, Win 7 and Win 8.

Download Bib-M latest version:

9.3.2015: Bib-M stable release (Qumran major bugs fixed) - Bib-M v2.2

2.3.2015: Bible and Qumran abbreviations support - Bib-M v2.1

9.2.2015: First public presentation, Bratislava SVK. Presentation (SK)

21.1.2015: Full Bible abbreviations project with install phase. All known bugs fixed. Bib-M v1.2

3.12.2014: First release made - Bib-M v1.0

23.11.2014: Work on this project started. Previous work had been done by Dominic Lui Chi Man.


As this project was made for free, no payment is required. However, the project was not developed easily and it took about 110 hours of work till now. If you want to contribute to this project, you can send your donation to IBAN: SK7109000000005032500539.


This project was made by brothers Filip Marek (programmer) and Libor Marek (tester) from Slovakia. If help is required, please contact us at Bib-M help.

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